JAGs: An improved atmospheric correction algorithm

An improved atmospheric correction algorithm for applying MERIS data to very turbid inland waters Atmospheric correction (AC) is a necessary process when quantitatively monitoring water quality parameters from satellite data. However, it is still a major challenge to carry out AC for turbid coastal and inland waters. In this study, we propose an improved AC…Lainnya

Koreksi Atmosfer Landsat : Produk Surface Reflectance

Pada tanggal 23 Desember 2014, USGS mengeluarkan produk level tinggi untuk surface reflectance (Reflectance-BOA). Dengan keluarnya produk ini, maka kendala koreksi atmosferik yang harus dilakukan untuk mengubah reflectance at satellite (reflectance-TOA) menjadi surface reflectance, menjadi berkurang (atau bahkan tidak ada). Radiative transfer model yang digunakan oleh USGS untuk melakukan  koreksi atmosferik (atmospheric correction) adalah: – 6S simulation model…Lainnya

Evaluation of four MERIS atmospheric correction algorithms in Lake Kasumigaura, Japan

Accurate atmospheric correction for turbid inland waters remains a significant challenge. Several atmospheric correction algorithms have been proposed to address this issue, but their performance is unclear in regard to Asian lakes, some of which have extremely high turbidity and different inherent optical properties from lakes in other continents. Here, four existing atmospheric correction algorithms…Lainnya