ArcView Extensions

Beberapa ArcView Extensions yang mungkin anda perlukan:

ArcView -> EPPL7 Extension
Current Version 2.04

Date: 5/7/99
This extension integrates ArcView with the raster GIS EPPL7 and works with GeoTiff files. This gives the user some raster analysis capabilities including Image Rectification, Image Clipping, Image Rotation and others to come.
ArcView Tools Extension
Current Version 1.3
This extension contains a number of utility tools including Clipping, Mosaic, Buffer, etc.
DOQ/DRG Tools Extension
Current Version 1.3
Build Date: 12/21/98
A variety of tools for viewing DOQ’s and DRG’s. Allows the user to create DOQ Themes straight from a USGS County based DOQ CDROM without having to uncompress!
12/4/2000 Roadway Symbology Extension
Current Version 1.4
This little beauty does a great job of doing roadway symbols in Arc/View. It supports the automatic generation of four types of road symbols and works off a roads database.
7/11/2005 DNR Random Sample Generator
Current Version 2.2
Build Date: 12/27/2004
This extension helps users create random and regularly spaced point samples and random transects.
12/4/2000 Recreation Symbology Extension
Current Version 1.2
Build Date: 4/14/99
This extension includes a true-type font of 118 recreation symbols commonly used on map products. You can place these symbols as points or using leader lines.
8/15/2000 Stream Mode Digitizing Extension
Current Version 1.05
This extension provides the functionality to do on-screen stream digitizing of lines and polygons.

Garmin GPS Extension
Current Version 5.3.2
Build Date: 2/13/2008
This extension allows users pass data between a Garmin GPS receiver and ArcView 3.x, 8.x, 9.x.
6/5/2001 DNR Forestry CSA Utilities
Current Version 1.5
Build Date: 07/12/2000
This extension was written for DNR staff that are using the Cooperative Stand Assessment (CSA) data for their work
4/24/2002 DNR Waters Extension
Current Version 2.0
Build Date: 2/22/2000
This extension creates a lithology stick (borehole) diagram and/or a well construction stick diagram from selected County Well Index (CWI) data. The extension will draw the stick diagram in scaled vertical cross section..
7/11/2005 DNR WMS Client for ArcView 3.x
Current Version 1.7
Build Date: 3/23/2005
This extension provides access to Web Mapping Services (WMS) for ArcView 3.x.
9/29/2005 DNR Wildlife Survey Extension
Current Version 1.09
Build Date: 9/29/2005
This ArcView 3.x extension, used in conjunction with a GPS receiver and the DNR Garmin program enables wildlife biologists conducting aerial surveys to display background themes such as aerial photography and survey transects, observe the aircraft’s flight path over these themes in real time, and record flight path and animal observation data directly to shapefiles.


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