Installing SeaDAS on Windows 7

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SeaDAS is stand for SeaWiFS Data Analysis System. One of best software for satellite image processing, displaying and analyzing. It is an IDL based software package used mainly for SeaWiFS and MODIS satellite image processing.

SeaDAS actually run on linux system. If you have windows system and have no plan for migrating to linux, don’t worry we can run it on windows! with VMware (player) or Oracle Virtual Box.

I have tried VirtualBox for installing UBUNTU system on windows7 and run some linux-based software like opendx. For SeaDAS, better to use VMWare.

There are some steps regarding installing SeaDAS using VMWare :

  1. Installing VMWare, please download VMware player. You need to  register first. That’s free.
  2. Download your favorite  linux distribution  and install on your VMware
  3. Download SeaDAS version 6.2 and install it

If you dont want to waste much time, there are two alternatives for fast installation :

7 thoughts on “Installing SeaDAS on Windows 7

  1. for issue ::> DEVICE: Requested font does not exist: -adobe-courier-bold-r-normal–12-120-7
    just type : SDSWFONT=-bitstream-courier 10 pitch-medium-r-normal–14-0-0-0-m-0-iso8859-1
    in terminal window

  2. Assalamulaikum wr wb
    Perkenalkan nama saya fahrudin. Saat ini saya sedang melakukan penelitian dan berencana akan menggunakan Seadass sebagai salah satu software yang akan saya gunakan. Saya sudah menginstal oracle VM virtual box dan juga ubuntu versi 12.10. Apa yang harus saya lakukan slanjtunya? Di atas diejlaskan untk download program seadasnya. terus instalnya di dalam linuxnya atau di windowsnya?
    Oh ya, bolehkah saya mendapatkan email bapak? Atas perhatiannya saya sampaikan terima kasih…


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